Middle School

The Pymble Ladies' College Middle School provides girls in Years 7 and 8 with dynamic and inspiring learning experiences and the emotional support appropriate for this unique stage of their lives. During these formative years, students' abilities and interests are nurtured in a strong and caring community. A comprehensive academic, extra-curricular and pastoral care program supports the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of every girl.

Middle School students are encouraged to engage in intellectual pursuits, to express themselves creatively, to extend themselves physically and to develop their character and personal leadership in the many areas and activities available to Pymble girls.

Staff in the Middle School work collaboratively to provide the ideal blend of structure and freedom that helps young women flourish, offering them a supportive environment where they feel challenged enough to grow, yet comfortable enough to try new approaches. The teachers encourage students to set high standards for themselves and to develop into compassionate and resilient young women, capable of realising their full potential.

Middle School girls enjoy access to all of the College’s extensive facilities.

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