Teaching and Learning

At Pymble, we provide engaging learning experiences for students who are immersed in a rapidly changing world.  With so much information at their fingertips, it is essential teachers assist students to develop their ability to navigate the deluge by becoming confident critical, creative and ethical thinkers.

Pymble’s approach to teaching and learning places the student at the centre of the learning experience while our teachers seek to nurture every girl to their full potential. Learning experiences are designed to challenge our students and to foster their curiosity and wonder about their world. The College is committed to developing rich understanding that empowers students to evaluate and select information and to apply knowledge in new ways and in new contexts. Pymble consistently provides robust opportunities for students to engage in critical and creative thinking within and beyond the classroom. Students develop their agility as learners when they have opportunities to construct understanding rather than memorising information.

Our teachers regularly draw on research by Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero to inform their approach. Influenced by both the Teaching for Understanding and Cultures of Thinking projects, our highly professional and experienced teachers are engaged in a process of continual reflection and improvement as they bring thinking and understanding to the fore in our learning spaces.