2020 Celestino Partnership Video Consent

Dear Parent or Carer

The partnership between Pymble Ladies’ College and Celestino has been documented in photographs and video footage. Due to the nature of the video, that has captured the events as they occurred, it is possible your daughter may appear in the footage. Therefore, we ask that you please complete the below Media Release form to provide your consent for its use.


By ticking the permission box below you agree to the following conditions:

I release to Pymble Ladies’ College (Pymble) and its respective licensees the rights and permission with respect to those videos, photographs and/or audio recordings taken of my daughter named below and on whose behalf I am signing the right to:

  • provide them to a third party, Celestino, to promote the education partnership between Pymble Ladies’ College and Sydney Science Park
  • reproduce them by any present or future means
  • include them in whole or in part without restriction to changes or alterations, in any advertising, publicity, publications, broadcast and training material in print and/or online
  • I agree and acknowledge I will not retain any rights, including copyright, or interest in the use of my daughter’s image
  • I agree and acknowledge I will receive no payment for the use of my daughter’s image
  • I release and indemnify Pymble from any loss, damage, expense or claim arising out of the use of my daughter’s image, including any claims for libel, invasion of privacy or breach of copyright

I hereby warrant that I am of full age and have the right to contract on behalf of my daughter as her parent or legal guardian and I have read and understand the release conditions above and agree to abide by these conditions.


2020 Media Release Form - Celestino Partnership