Performance Scholarship – Sport

Available each year for Years 7 to 11 entry

Pymble Ladies’ College offers a small number of Performance Scholarships – Sport providing full or part remission from academic tuition fees (excluding extras) to students entering Years 7 to 11 who have a demonstrated ability in a particular sporting activity.

The scholarship selection process is competitive and not all candidates who meet the basic criteria are necessarily awarded a scholarship.

All candidates must sit the Academic Assessment Services (AAS) examination. The scholarship examination will be held at the College or remotely (for country candidates, and in some cases, for overseas candidates).

All applications for scholarship testing must be made online through AAS. Candidates must register first for the AAS examination.

Criteria and Steps to Apply

  • Candidates must be competing at national level (or the highest possible equivalent depending on the sport for candidates in Years 5 or 6) in at least one sporting activity (team or individual) that is offered within the Pymble sports program.
  • Candidates must provide a list of achievements in their sport with proof of performance (see additional form to be completed).
  • Candidates must support their scholarship application with two references outlining their suitability for a performance scholarship at the College. The reports must be completed by a school coach or teacher, or a recognised club or regional, state, national or international coach in the candidate’s chosen activity (see additional form to be completed).
  • Candidates are required to have a minimum of ‘B’ grade (or equivalent) academically. There is an expectation of above average academic performance.
  • Candidates must supply copies of the last two years of school reports.
  • Scholarships will be reviewed on an annual basis and it is the College’s expectation that students maintain their high performance levels and represent the College as and when requested.
  • The College Council reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from any scholarship holder.