The Mathematics Department at Pymble is committed to providing students with the opportunity to enjoy and excel in Mathematics. Unlike the national and international trend of girls dropping Mathematics in senior years, student retention rates in Mathematics at Pymble are well above the State average. Pymble enrolment numbers for 2016 Year 12 in Mathematics are high with 32 students in Mathematics Extension 2 and 100 students in Mathematics Extension 1.

Mathematics teaching and learning strategies at Pymble encourage students to work in groups, think creatively and apply different strategies to solve a problem. Students actively participate in Mathematics Modelling competitions and participate in hands-on, problem-solving activities in classes.

Identifying the learning needs of individual students provides the opportunities for students to take advantage of specially designed programs, including Pymble’s Accelerated Mathematics Program. This program is available from Year 9 allowing students to progress through the core content of a school program at a natural rate, rather than being restricted by artificially imposed steps of progression.