Boarding Family Group Fun

Monday 1 June, 2020


So that we can meet our social distancing requirements, and with the luxury of a little extra space, our Boarders have been set up in small groups which have affectionately been named ‘Family Groups’. These groups have their own common area where the girls can spread out and relax and some of them have even started planning their own activities and outings around campus.

Here, Philippa Austin, Eloise Wilson and Amelia Browning (Year 10) of Goodlet House tell us how good old Boarder ingenuity shines through in even the most trying of circumstances:

“This weekend was our first weekend back to school as full-time Boarders since the recent COVID-19 lockdown. To celebrate being back together and occupy ourselves, our Family Group spent the weekend kicking the footy on the Main Oval and shooting basketball hoops on the bottom courts.

At night, we spread ourselves out in our very own common room for a movie and snacks. Although the Boarders are in a difficult situation with social distancing and lockdown, we are creatively coming up with things that we previously would have been too busy to try and enjoy.”