Centenary Precinct announced

Thursday 26 June, 2014

Plans have been unveiled for the College’s exciting new development, the Centenary Precinct, scheduled to open in 2016 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Pymble Ladies’ College. The precinct will include the establishment of a new Aquatic and Fitness Centre, the redevelopment of the Mollie Dive Field, the provision of extensive underground parking and a Centenary Walkway.

Aligned with our Towards 2020 vision, these new facilities will enable us to expand and enhance the quality and delivery of our fitness and wellbeing programs for decades to come. Nearly a century ago, our founding Principal, Dr John Marden, strongly believed health and wellbeing were vital to every girl reaching her potential. He was an educator and leader ahead of his time, and this project, in part, honours his vision.

As we travel Towards 2020 the facilities in the Centenary Precinct will ensure that our current and future students will continue to enjoy an exceptional educational experience that caters to the well-being of every student.

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