China tour an enlightening experience

Tuesday 21 May, 2013

Guest written by Year 11 student, Devna Luthra

During the April holidays, 33 students from Years 10 and 11 travelled to China for the Silk and Pearls Tour. Accompanied by Pymble staff Mr Candy, Mrs Gleeson and Miss Coles, the 17 day trip was an absolutely fantastic and enlightening experience. We explored the different spectrums of China; from the busy, bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai on the eastern coast, to the breath-taking Gobi Desert in Western China, to the rice paddies and mountainous scenery of Langshou in the south. The students’ favourite activities and sightseeing tours included camel riding on the Gobi Desert, climbing the Great Wall of China, bike riding through the rice paddies and visiting some of China’s most famous shopping markets. A particularly special day for many of the students began with a long bus ride and walk, arriving in a rural agricultural village in Lanzhou. While visiting this village, we learned many of these people (mainly younger children) had never seen foreigners before. We were overwhelmed with their warmth in welcoming us to their village and their hospitality.