Business Studies

Offered as an exclusive subject in Years 11 and 12 at Pymble, Business Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding about the operation and management of businesses. The course focuses on areas and perspectives ranging from the planning of a small business to the broader roles of management, operations, finance, human resources and marketing.

One of the most exciting aspects of Business Studies at Pymble is Australia Business Week (ABW) for Year 10. As a part of the study of Commerce, the annual event allows girls to group together, and experience what it would be like to own and manage a fast-growing business for a week.

Classical Languages

At Pymble, students are offered the rare opportunity to study the world’s classical languages. Whether it’s Classical Greek or Latin, or perhaps both – students will gain a greater insight into the origins of the English language, Western Culture and modern-day institutions.

In learning a Classical language, students will develop skills in analytical thinking, attention to detail, systematic memorisation and clarity of expression – skills that can be applied in many different fields.

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Agriculture is an interesting and captivating subject, balancing the importance of classroom learning with the enjoyment of outdoor experiments and excursions – an appealing subject area for any Pymble student. It is a subject that provides the foundations to a wide range of career paths, with the skills learnt by students applicable to many different aspects of life.

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Aboriginal Studies

The Aboriginal Studies course at Pymble develops in our students an appreciation of the unique value of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures to Australian identity. Our students gain knowledge of the contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal communities while developing recognition of the fundamental importance of land and spirituality to all Aboriginal peoples. Fundamentally, students will develop a strong understanding of the importance of autonomy and self-determination to the future of Aboriginal peoples within Australian society.