Education Outdoors for Year 1

Wednesday 11 November, 2020

With sunshine peeking through the clouds and the grass damp underfoot from the weekend’s rain, Year 1 girls were bubbling with excitement as they left their classrooms behind and headed out into the beautiful grounds of our College for their first Education Outdoors day.

With our Director of Experiential Learning, Mr Stuart Clark, and his team of instructors, Grace, Georgie and Caitlin, the girls enjoyed a wonderful day learning outside. They harnessed their problem solving capabilities, creativity and team building skills to construct shelters, compose Dreamtime stories, complete a scavenger hunt through bushlands, and accomplish team challenges that required them to help one another and work collaboratively.

The chance to run freely on Kelso Oval at lunchtime and to toast marshmallows over the fire were other thoroughly enjoyed highlights of the day.

A big thank you from the students and teachers in Year 1 to Mr Stuart Clark, Grace, Georgie and Caitlin for organising such an engaging and productive day of learning in the great outdoors in our Pymble backyard.