Energy and Forces at Pymble

Monday 18 November, 2019

Energy and Forces

How do we fly a kite? What keeps a kite in the air? These are some of the questions that Year 2 students have been asking in Science as part of our unit on ‘Energy and Forces’.

As scientists, we first formed a hypothesis by making predictions on what might happen and why. Then, on a beautiful spring afternoon, we went to the Riverbed and tested flying our kites. There wasn’t a strong wind, so we realised that we needed to pick up speed to get the air to push the kite upwards. We concluded that the pull of gravity on the kite and the upwards push of the air as we ran kept the kite up and flying. A great example of forces working together to make something wonderful happen! It was exciting to learn how air is matter and, even though it is invisible, it has amazing powers. We look forward to more kite-flying before the year is done.