Five firsts in HSC for Pymble girls

Thursday 13 December, 2018

HSC 1Pymble Ladies’ College has outperformed selective girls’ schools and selective co-educational schools in terms of the number of students to place First in Course in the HSC in 2018.

The five Pymble girls and their subjects are:

  • Phoebe Coles (pictured above) – Agriculture
  • Anjia Zhou – English ESL
  • Zoe Harrison – Dance
  • Emmerson Pearce – Food Technology
  • Sofia Whitbourn (Year 11) – Ukrainian Continuers (outside tutor)

The only school in NSW with students achieving more First in Course places was Sydney Grammar School, an academically selective school for boys.

In addition, 19 Pymble students earned a place in the Top Achievers in Course list across a variety of courses:

  • Charlotte Armati – 8th in Agriculture
  • Olivia Carolan – 9th in Senior Science
  • Alicia Chang – 6th in English Advanced
  • Phoebe Coles – 16th in Biology
  • Alexandra De Santi – 4th in Dance
  • Sumyukta Garikapati – 10th in Textiles & Design
  • Annaliese Hall – 3rd in Dance
  • Kate Han – 16th in Modern History
  • Vicky Huang – 5th in Food Technology
  • Samantha Kitchen – 8th in Senior Science
  • Giselle Laszok – 12th in Legal Studies
  • Julia Lin – 10th in Physics
  • Emmerson Pearce – 10th in Hospitality
  • Angela Wang – 10th in Legal Studies
  • Yanwen Wang – 20th in Biology
  • Tahire Wijetilaka – 10th in Modern History
  • Isabelle Yu – 10th in Hospitality
  • Daphne Zhang – 17th in Chemistry
  • Chloe Zhu – 16th in English Advanced

30 Pymble students were named in the All-round Achievers list. This list acknowledges the results of students who achieved Band 6 results (90 or better) in 2 unit courses or a Band E4 result (45 or better) in an Extension course in 10 or more units:

  • Charlotte Armati
  • Maxine Betty
  • Alicia Chang
  • Phoebe Coles
  • Juliette Di Bello
  • Catherine Graham
  • Zahraa Khan
  • Giselle Laszok
  • Sunny Lee
  • Wendy Li
  • Emily Liao
  • Julia Lin
  • Sayuni Mallikahewa
  • Jenny Ni
  • Emmerson Pearce
  • Olivia Pesavento
  •  Georgiana Ralphs
  • Emily Shaw
  • Emily Shen
  • Sonia Sun
  • Angela Wang
  • Jelinna Wang
  • Yanwen Wang
  • Sophie Webster
  • Alice Woodbury
  •  Joyce Wu
  • Faye Xie
  • Penny Ying
  • Daphne Zhang
  • Anjia Zhou

“These are exceptional achievements from a school that is non-selective and I congratulate our Pymble girls for striving for and achieving the highest accolade in their studies,” said Principal, Mrs Vicki Waters.

“Congratulations must also go to our academic staff for their unwavering commitment to our Personalised Education pedagogy which focusses on knowing, guiding and challenging our girls to follow their passions and to succeed in whichever areas they choose.”