History Made with Online Athletics Carnival

Monday 18 May, 2020

JS online athleticsOn Wednesday 6 May 2020, we made history with our Junior School girls participating in the first Virtual Junior School Athletics Carnival. Girls downloaded an eBook and were guided through five events:

  1. Sock Put – As the name suggests, shot put but using a sock.
  2. Mindful Platter Challenge – Each grade was given a specific Mindful activity based around Kindness.
  3. Standing Long Jump and Vertical Jump – Girls measured how far and high they could jump.
  4. Create your House Mascot Challenge.
  5. Obstacle Course – Girls had to jump over something, crawl under something, zig zag around something, do ten star jumps and some form of animal walk. They competed for speed (how fast they could do the course) and distance (how many laps in ten minutes).

The aim of the day was to participate and have fun, so no winning Houses were announced, but all girls who submitted their eBook gained House points for the overall House Winner on Speech Day.

By all reports the Sock Put and Create your House Mascot were the most popular events of the day. A number of dressed up pets made appearances as new House Mascots!

Thank you to our fabulous Sports Captains, Tribeca Liu and Ruby Scarf (Year 6) for helping Mr Tyson host this exciting day.