Hundreds of ex-students gather for special Commemoration Day events

Thursday 21 July, 2016

Attendance at this year’s Commemoration Day Service in the Chapel was at an all-time high, as approximately 250 members of the Pymble community gathered to celebrate 100 years of College history. The uplifting service, which was officiated by Reverend Lorenzo and Reverend Punam, was attended by ex-students from 1936 to 2015 as well as Chair of College Council, Mr Braith Williams, Principal Mrs Vicki Waters, Uniting Church in Australia’s Reverend Stephen Aynsley and the ESU President, Mrs Katrina Corcoran.

The theme of the day was the College values of Care, Courage, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility. Ex-students Mrs Phillipa Graham (Myers, 1969) and Fiona Roughley (2001) spoke eloquently about how they drew on these values in good times and in times of conflict, to help them make decisions and shape their lives.

As per tradition, the readings were delivered by Ex-Students’ Union Scholars, Emily Ainsworth (Year 11) and Madeleine Payne (Year 12). The ESU Choir, under the leadership of Mrs Jillian Cranney (Stacy, 1972) performed beautifully, just as they have for the past 18 years of Commemoration Day Services.

“There was a great spirit in the Chapel,” said Mrs Cranney. “It was a lovely service and everyone was so happy to be there to celebrate the College and share their school-day memories.”

In honour of the Centenary, the service ended with a rousing rendition of The College Song.

Following the service, many of the congregation – including those who attended the Pymble Back to Boarding Weekend sleepover the previous evening – stayed on to enjoy a special Centenary Luncheon event. The ladies enjoyed Champagne and canapes on the lawn before moving into the Main Hall where Reverend Aynsley said Grace before a delicious buffet lunch. Our ex-students enjoyed catching up with old friends from their school era, reliving amusing anecdotes, cheeky escapades and treasured family connections.
All in all it was a very special day for the College and ex-students from throughout the decades.

“I am deeply grateful for this wonderful and special experience we had today as well as every time we meet up,” said Mrs Annie Corbett (Wong, 1993). “I am sure we will all treasure these moments forever.”
Thank you to all who attended and those who helped make this significant event such a memorable day.