Jazz team wins People’s Choice Award

Friday 14 October, 2016

Pymble’s Jazz White dance team was the clear People’s Choice Award winners at the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod Dance of Champions on Sunday, September 18.

The best 17 dance groups of 2016 were invited to compete at this special event which will be televised on Channel 10 on Sunday 16 October, 12pm.

The team’s winning routine, Chandelier follows the journey of a teenager looking at her young self and being reminded to have fun and to embrace innocence. The symbolic use of the white balloons, floating around the heights of the stage before being drawn down into the dancers, provided an enormous challenge for our dancers.

Each dancer was also cleverly choreographed to seamlessly reveal a change in costume colour, from grey to white, an effect which had audience members and adjudicators watching on in disbelief.

“Our Jazz White Team was challenged to not only perfect the technically-demanding choreography but to also seamlessly intertwine the balloon props and costume change to create an awe-inspiring effect,” said Principal Mrs Vicki Waters.

“To master this, with only one and a half hours of training each week, is a credit to their teamwork, passion and dedication and to the Dance program here at Pymble.”