Kindergarten looks at the role of zoos

Saturday 5 October, 2013

Kindergarten girls have been investigating life at the zoo. The girls are becoming more aware of the important roles of zoos in preserving wildlife and providing opportunities to study animals in habitats similar to their natural environments. An excursion to Taronga Zoo was a wonderful springboard for the girls as they were able to observe unusual animals such as the red panda, the snow leopard and the pygmy hippopotamus. The girls demonstrated their developing knowledge through interesting information reports and expressive excursion recounts which highlighted their enjoyment of this experiential learning opportunity.

Kindergarten has further explored a variety of Visible Thinking routines. These routines have been adapted to suit young learners and are used as tools that lead to deeper understanding. Routines such as ‘Think, Pair Share’, ‘See, Think, Wonder’ and the ‘Explanation Game’ have been used across all areas of the curriculum. They reinforce with each girl, that their thoughts and opinions are respected and valued.

The girls participated in many hands on experiences in Mathematics. The focus for the term was on developing an understanding of the early concepts of multiplication and time. Activities encouraged students to develop their knowledge of concepts in a language rich environment, which is essential in Mathematics learning.
Social skills continue to play a large part within our Kindergarten program. Girls are given opportunities during class and grade assemblies to discuss friendship issues, values, thoughts and ideas. Our fortnightly Grade Assemblies are a wonderful time for our Chaplain, Reverend Lorenzo Rodriguez Torres to share bible stories, songs, prayers and reflections.