Making their Voices Heard

Friday 31 July, 2020

Year 5 is an extremely passionate group of girls who are determined to make a difference in the world around them. While studying persuasive techniques and how to most effectively argue for something they believe, the girls discussed a number of significant issues that they felt needed to change. These included limiting the use of petrol fuelled cars, decreasing the age for university entry and being more compassionate to the plight of refugee children. The girls chose their issue, researched the issue in depth and embarked on a persuasive letter writing campaign to a variety of Government officials, including the Australian Prime Minister and the British Prime Minister.

After what seemed like an enormous amount of time, some responses have been received! Sahana Vivekanandhan received a response from Scott Morrison who complimented her passionate letter-writing skills.

Katie Boyce received a very detailed letter from the Office of the British Prime Minister in response to her plea to allow refugee children into the United Kingdom.

We are hopeful that we will continue to receive responses from the Government officials we wrote to over the remainder of the year. Our Year 5 girls are keen to keep making their voices heard on issues that they believe are important.