Mathematics Through Stories

Monday 17 August, 2020

Kindergarten girls were delighted to listen to one of their favourite books, Guess How Much I Love You, as an introduction to their unit on Measurement. Students were asked the questions: “Who is longer out of the two hares?”, “Who is short?”, “Who is tall?” and “Which is the longest distance from where they are now, their home or the moon?”

While investigating length and distance, the girls engaged in a variety of activities, both in the classroom and in the courtyard. They ordered various objects according to length and developed their mathematical language using terms such as short, high, tall, low, far, nearer, further and closer.

Kindergarten ventured out on a walk around our Preparatory School, exploring the distance between various points. They stepped their way from the classroom to the Preparatory office, the Performing Arts room, the sandpit and the Library. The girls were quite surprised to discover that they all had very different measurements!