May the Force be with Year 3!

Monday 25 November, 2019

May the Force be with Year 3 25-11-19

This Term, Year 3 students have been engaging as engineers in Science and Technology. They have been trying to understand how forces work in order to move a car prototype without a human touching it. They have also learned more about Design Thinking and considered how planning and testing helped their design to succeed. The girls have explored the forces of friction, air resistance, gravity and magnetism.

We are so impressed with the girls’ development of scientific language around forces and their reasoning in making modifications to their car design to make it move, through trial and error.

“We are making a car and at first we failed because our wheels kept falling off. Then we changed our plan and used rubber bands and plasticine to make the wheels secure. Now our car is really fast.” – Cecilia Zhou

“We are making our car move using air resistance and a balloon. The balloon will blow out air which makes the car move. I love experimenting with the car and changing things to make it work even better.” – Allison Wang