Outdoor Education for Year 8

Friday 4 September, 2020

What a joy it was to see our Year 8 cohort take time away from their regular timetable for three days in Week 6 and spend quality time together within their Connect groups. The girls participated in a three-day alternate outdoor education program on campus and were able to develop many of the skills they would have previously employed had we been able to go ahead with our Year 8 Camp as planned at the start of the year. The girls were able to learn how to prepare a campsite, put up a tent, rock climb, mountain bike and spend time together gaining strength as a team. We were very fortunate to have many of our Connect teachers alongside the girls throughout the program which in turn helped to further strengthen those relationships.

A big thank you all the staff from across the College who contributed their time and energy. It most certainly was a team effort in bringing this event to fruition. The girls are to be congratulated on their level of participation and commitment.

“I learnt about the rich culture of the Indigenous Australians; their stories, beliefs, music and art continue to influence our country just like 60,000 years ago.” – Julie Sheng

“I have learnt about communication and teamwork with my Connect group. I enjoyed participating in the adventure race and getting to know more people in my Connect group.” – Aashna Rana

“So far today I have learnt how to do some basics of mountain biking. We did our activities in our Connect groups, so we got to spend time with our Connect groups more.” – Jennifer Makeham

“I think we worked really well as a team and it was quite enjoyable putting up the tent together.” – Madison Yip

“Today I learnt about map references and I really enjoyed finding features on the map.” – Lindsay Campbell

“Rock climbing was so fun and challenging. There were eight climbs all together and I just finished all of them!” – Nina Baikie