Outstanding 2017 HSC results!

Saturday 16 December, 2017

Pymble’s 2017 graduates have ended their final year of schooling with outstanding HSC results.

Among the many highlights include four perfect ATARS, which were achieved by:

  • Sally Cao (Dux of the School)
  • Christy Hou
  • Hebe Larkin
  • Cathy Zhao.

Hebe Larkin also achieved a remarkable feat – three firsts in NSW, in Classical Greek Continuers, Classical Greek Extension and Latin Continuers. In addition, Hebe also came third in NSW in Latin Extension.

Pymble student Shiyi (Cathy) Zhao placed equal first in the Chinese in the Context course she undertook at the Saturday School of Community Languages.

A total of 14 Pymble students earned a place in the Top Achievers in Course List across a variety of courses:

  • Amy Cheng 3rd in Italian Beginners
  • Nina Coombes 5th in Italian Beginners
  • Anna Ding 4th in Italian Beginners
  • Jane Hong 10th in Biology
  • Christy Hou 5th in Latin Continuers
  • Madeleine Jang 18th in Biology
  • Hebe Larkin 3rd in Latin Extension
  • Amie Long 2nd in Textiles and Design
  • Cindy Lu 2nd in Japanese Extension
  • Lauren Park 9th in History Extension and 16th in English Advanced
  • Emily Shen(Year 11 accelerant) 16th in Mathematics
  • Annie Xu 3rd in French Continuers
  • Sun Yu 3rd in Japanese Extension
  • Shiyi (Cathy) Zhao 2nd in French Continuers

32 Pymble students were named in the All-round Achievers lists, which acknowledges the results of students who achieved Band 6 results (90 or better) in 2 unit courses or a Band E4 result (45 or better) in an Extension course in 10 or more units.

174 individual Pymble students earned 505 places on the Honour Roll, which acknowledges students who earn a Band 6 result (90 or better) in a 2 unit course or a Band E4 result (45 or better) in an Extension course in one or more subjects.

Pymble results compared against the state

In 2017, 235 students from Pymble Ladies’ College sat for the NSW Higher School Certificate in 46 courses. A further 17 accelerated Year 11 students sat for the HSC examination in Mathematics. On average, 78% of Pymble candidates across all 2 Unit courses offered at the College achieved results in Band 5 and 6, compared with 47% of students across the state in the same subjects. In the 1 Unit Extension courses, on average, 97% were placed in Band E3 or E4, compared with 91% across the state.