Preparatory School Splash and Dash

Friday 4 December, 2020

Our usual Preparatory School Swimming Carnival could not happen this year in its usual format, however that did not limit the girls’ joy and determination as they took to the water for our Splash and Dash events at the end of Term 4. The girls had been refining their amazing swimming skills during PE lessons where the focus was on having fun, setting goals and breaking out of their comfort zones. Students swam further than they had tried before, some moving from the small pool to the main pool for the event.

The enthusiasm and energy of the girls made it an extremely enjoyable event. A few highlights were the Preparatory divers at the Year 2 Splash and Dash and their amazing dives from the various boards including the five-metre board! The ‘save the sea creature’ on the kickboard novelty event is always fun and the final races in Years 1 and 2 were the class relays with swimmers being cheered on by classmates and teachers. Congratulations to 1H who took out the Year 1 class relay and, in a nail-biting finish in the Year 2 class relay, 2C and 2B tied first place. This final race of the day saw 2B close the gap in the final lap and 2C determinedly holding their lead to the end.

Congratulations to all girls on an amazing Splash and Dash event!