Pymble Hosts The Australian’s Women in Education Forum

Tuesday 24 March, 2020


The questions came thick and fast when Pymble hosted The Australian’s Women in Education Forum.

It was an opportunity for the girls to hear from a panel of inspirational career women – including one they know quite well already!

The forum was moderated by The Australian’s associate editor Caroline Overington and included Principal Dr Kate Hadwen, oncology researcher Dr Jessamy Tiffen and UBS Managing Director of Communications and Marketing Ms Caroline Gurney.

The women shared their own experiences in the world of work; Ms Gurney reminded the girls to be true to themselves for the greatest chance at success and Dr Tiffen encouraged them to be gutsy and lean in to opportunities.

Dr Hadwen said in leading Pymble, her ultimate goal was “promoting, supporting, getting women to understand their beauty within, their power; what’s special about being a woman and a girl and having to use those strengths to achieve your goal.”

“I’m super passionate about girls and girls’ education and women in the workforce and that’s what drove me into girls’ education. It’s my home base, it’s where I feel most comfortable, it’s where I want to be for the rest of my life.”

Dr Hadwen said to help them on their way, she is thinking about the future beyond the school gates.

“The biggest challenge I think now is actually getting a job. It’s not getting into university. It is that transition from university to the world of work. So how do we give Pymble girls an edge up? That’s the sort of thing we’re thinking about in the future.”

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