Record numbers at 2014 Family Camp Out

Friday 11 April, 2014

The 2014 Junior School Family Camp Out was the biggest in the nine year history of the event with 402 people from 113 Junior School families attending the camp on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April.

With the option to rent a tent or bring your own tent, the Kelso Field at the College became tent city with tents erected across the field. The Camp Out was supported by the assistance of 68 volunteers who shopped for food, organised car parking, helped in registration, prepared and cooked meals, cleaned up and organised activities, including face painting, sports games and a night torch walk.

Over the weekend, campers consumed an impressive amount of food, including 22 dozen cinnamon doughnuts, 59 loaves of bread, 450 hamburgers, 550 sausages, 725 pieces of bacon, 34 dozen eggs and 10 kilograms of chocolate.

Happy campers were given a special drink bottle as their take home gift acknowledging they had survived the 2014 Junior School Family Camp Out.