Sony Camp is Changing Lives!

Tuesday 19 December, 2017

Christmas is a time for giving back and, in December, a group of dedicated Year 11 students from Pymble Ladies’ College and Shore School had the opportunity to do just that by co-hosting the 18th annual Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp for children with special needs.

With assistance from medical professionals and support from parents, staff and community members, the students undertook the responsibility of four days of around-the-clock care and entertainment for children with physical, mental and developmental disabilities.

While campers enjoyed fun activities and excursions on and off the Pymble campus, their parents, guardians and siblings revelled in some much-deserved rest and rejuvenation in what, for some, was their only break of the year. The gift of time that Sony Camp provided to campers’ families was enhanced by pamper packs donated by the Pymble community.

At the end of the camp, students presented each camper with a personalised memento: a scrapbook filled with photos from the four days. Hugs were exchanged, and more than a few tears shed as students and campers said their farewells, each having enjoyed an enriching experience.

Getting ready for camp

The success of this year’s Sony Camp represents months of hard work and preparation in the lead-up to the event. Students were selected through a rigorous application process and participated in a series of interactive workshops in order to mentally and emotionally prepare for the joys, challenges and demands of caring for children with special needs. Members of the broader Pymble community supported Sony Camp through a series of fundraisers ahead of time, which helped to provide a wonderful experience at no cost to the campers’ families.

Share, care and give back

Pymble is committed to developing each and every student’s community service mindset. Through opportunities like Sony Camp, students are encouraged to discover their sense of responsibility to themselves and those in local and global communities. Find out more about Pymble’s community service programs.