Surfing the NSW High School State Titles

Wednesday 26 August, 2020

Congratulations to Cayla P, Year 10, who represented Pymble Ladies’ College at the NSW High School State Titles in Coffs Harbour on Tuesday 11 August and Wednesday 12 August. There were 16 surfers representing NSW at the State across the seven regions, with each selecting two surfers. Cayla was selected to represent the Sydney Northern Beaches area.

There was a big swell with six to eight-foot waves at the start of the competition. Cayla caught the first wave of the day for the Junior girls and the commentator described her wave as ‘a gutsy wave’ as it was seven-feet! She managed to ride it 100 metres down the beach, such commitment to get out first on a mammoth wave.

While Cayla scored the highest points across the Sydney North Region Junior girl surf representatives, she was knocked out of the first round. Cayla finished ranked number 12 overall at the NSW High School State Titles in the Junior girls. This is a fantastic result and we are proud of Cayla representing the school at such a high level!