Visiting Professor at Pymble

Thursday 19 March, 2015


The Director of the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, Dr Marc Brackett visited Pymble on Monday 16 March to work with the College community on the importance of emotional literacy in education. Social Emotional Learning is being adopted in schools across the globe and at Pymble we understand the importance of developing the whole child, including the development of social and emotional capacities of girls and young women.

Dr Brackett’s research focuses on the role of emotional intelligence and how it fosters a range of behaviours and attitudes essential to positive development and academic achievement. In addition to his role at the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, Professor Brackett is a Senior Research Scientist in Psychology and Faculty Fellow in the Edward Zigler Centre in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University. Dr Brackett is also working with Facebook on a research project designed to decrease and ultimately prevent online bullying.

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