Year 10 Connections Day

Wednesday 26 August, 2020

It was a busy week in Week 4 in the Upper School with Year 10 Connections Day fun on top of our regular activities. The Year 10 Upper School Leaders worked with staff to create a day where relationships were celebrated, and the girls reconnected with their peers after time apart during Pymble Online. The girls enjoyed their surprise activity – a silent disco, which we discovered was anything but silent! It was so lovely to hear the girls laughing. The smiles on their faces were infectious.

Please enjoy these student reflections on Year 10 Connections Day:

“Year 10 Connections Day, on Friday 14 August, was an amazing day of learning about our health and wellbeing and the importance of having gratitude in our lives. As a year group we were able to have a day off from the academic aspects of school and just enjoy the company of our friends. Personally, I really enjoyed working as a team, helping the non-profit organisation Days for Girls prepare and make sustainable sanitary products for disadvantaged women and girls around the world, as well as learning about how this amazing organisation helps girls worldwide.”  Linda

“Last Friday, Year 10 was lucky enough to have a Connections Day planned by our wonderful Upper School Leaders. The day was full of fun activities, surprises, special guest presenters and a sausage sizzle that allowed for our whole year to feel closer to one another and more connected as a cohort. We were gifted with the chance to participate in an assemblage of activities such as Zumba, friendship bracelets and Wrap with Love, however, preparing face masks was a definite highlight as it encouraged us to give back to the community. We also had the privilege of listening to guest speaker Dannielle Miller from Enlighten Education, who shared with us the importance of gratitude and how being grateful can bring positivity to all aspects of life. The day concluded with a surprise silent disco, which was an exciting and unique experience for both staff and students. We appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with our year group and can confidently say that Connections Day was a wonderful success.” Laura and Ella

“The Year 10 Connections Day that took place on Friday 14 August was a day filled with joy and connections among the Year 10 cohort. Throughout the day we heard from two guest speakers, Dr Rebecca Overton and Dannielle Miller. We also participated in a variety of service wellbeing activities including Wrap With Love, Days for Girls, Zumba, face marks, friendship bracelets, pilates, painting and crafts. My favourite part of the day was the special surprise planned by the Upper School Leaders, which was a silent disco for the whole year group. This was such an amazing experience and was very uplifting to bring the whole of Year 10 together as a year group. The Year 10 Connections Day was overall so well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by all the Year 10 girls.” Izzy 

“I had been looking forward to Connections Day for a while, well as soon as I heard about it honestly. I enjoyed the presentation of mental health and what to do if you are going to drink or take drugs. After the presentation I went to the friendships bracelet station. I enjoyed this station so much as I got to do something I was looking forward to and I got to make them with my friends. I loved hearing about gratitude with Danni; it was a very engaging talk and I enjoyed listening to it a lot. I mostly enjoyed it because of the video where we saw the little boy get the chopping board and then he was so happy and so excited even though I’m sure it wasn’t what he wanted for Christmas, but then when he was thanking his parents they said we got you another present and showed him the shoe box then when he realised he got an iPad he was so excited it made me tear up. I loved seeing the joy and happiness the little boy felt. The best part of my day was the silent disco. I loved having the music blasting in my ears, but then also being with my friends and dancing around with them. When fun songs or throwback songs came on everyone would start to sing and then I took off my headphones and it was so funny to listen to the off-tune voices having the best time ever! I loved the Connections Day, it was one of the best days in my life and I would love to do it again!” Arabella