Year 2 girls study curious creatures

Saturday 19 October, 2013

Pymble Ladies' College Preparatory School Year 2

Year 2 girls commenced Term 2 with the Science topic ‘Curious Creatures’. Girls investigated the many types of mini-beasts that live around the world including insects, arachnids, molluscs and annelids. Exploration of the distinctive body parts, life cycles and living habits was undertaken and girls enjoyed a day of hands on activities at Wildflower Gardens St Ives. Project week completed the unit of work where girls independently wrote information reports, sketched and labelled diagrams of their mini-beast and completed an activity showing the life cycle process.

Our first ‘Windows into Learning’ where students shared their learning experience with parents, was conducted in conjunction with the ‘Curious Creatures’ Project Week. Parents were invited into the classrooms to engage in their daughters learning, providing a fabulous opportunity for parents to see what life is like in the Pymble classroom.

In Human Society and Its Environment the girls explored the concept of ‘Families’. They shared their ideas about different types of family groups, the various roles and responsibilities within a family and what makes a family special. Creative family trees were designed by the girls, providing a catalyst for family discussions and research. This gave the girls a deeper understanding of their heritage.