Year 6 Learn about Global Connections

Monday 18 November, 2019

Year 6 Geography

This term, Year 6 has focused on the question ‘How do Australia’s connections in the Global Community influence its citizens to take action?’ as part of their Geography studies. Students have learnt to question why the world is the way it is and reflect on their relationships with and responsibilities for the world.

They were provided with choice as they moved around the Year 6 spaces to hear from a variety of different local and global aid organisations.

For our Year 6 Celebration of Learning at the end of this term, the girls have been placed into small groups of ‘volunteers’. The task is: Your team is concerned with the growing need for aid within Australia and around the world. Your team has decided to make a change through one of the below options:

  • Join an established charity or aid organisation within NSW
  • Create a new aid organisation to external stakeholders.

Our parents and some community members are the stakeholders who will visit at the end of November to listen to the girls’ proposals as they seek ‘funding’ for their new aid organisations.