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At Pymble Swimming, we believe that all children should have access to quality swimming lessons to ensure that they have the skills in and around every water environment for their safety and survival. We are passionate about teaching children of all ages, and abilities, the fundamental skills that will provide the foundation for their life experiences in and around the water.

About Pymble SwimmingSwimming, like any other physical activity, is based on development levels and needs to be practiced and re-enforced continually.  Apart from the health and safety benefits of swimming, lessons also enhance social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our Vision

To engage every Pymble student in an exceptional swimming program which offers them the opportunity to achieve and develop.

Our Mission

To combine outstanding facilities and people with high quality contemporary programs to advance all students, both able bodied and multi class.

Our Values

Our values are aligned with the Pymble Ladies’ College values of Courage, Care, Integrity, Responsibility and Respect.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is all about longevity and enjoyment. First we develop excellent skills, followed by building endurance and speed. The swimmers will also develop their training and racing ethics, becoming positive team players and developing into great team leaders.

Whether you are a recreation swimmer or a competitive swimmer, skills and technique are our first priority. The current squads are quite broad in levels and thus we aim to have all coaches sharing the coaching load to ensure every swimmer is taken care of.