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Pymble Mini is our first squad out of the Learn to Swim program. Swimmers have now progressed to the squad pool and will learn the fundamentals of training for competition, including training etiquette. The main focus is on stroke technique and skill development whilst increasing their training capacities.

Entry level into this squad requires swimmers to:

  • Be capable of completing prescribed session content
  • Attend a minimum of two 1-hour sessions per week (maximum of four)
  • Become members of and race at the Knox-Pymble Swim Club and local meets
  • Swimmers are encouraged to be members of and race at the Pymble Mini Meets, Knox-Pymble Swim Club and local meets.

Please be aware that part of the class will be taught in the small pool on Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions. This will provide the swimmers with the opportunity to work closely on skills for the first half of the session and then endurance in the second half.

  • Swim sessions offered: 8 per week
  • Recommended attendance: 2 per week

Equipment requirements:  Mesh kit bag, two caps, two pairs of goggles and long soft fins.

Monthly Fees:
Pymble students:
$95.00 per month
Pymble siblings: $115.00 per month
Non-Pymble swimmers: $135.00 per month


Swimmers in this squad will continue to focus on stroke and race skill development whilst increasing training capacity. This squad will further the education process of training to race. Dry land exercises specific to swimming will be introduced.

Entry level into this squad requires swimmers to:

  • Display technique and skills to squad standards
  • Be capable of completing training loads and intensities
  • Attend a minimum of two, and progressing to four, 1 1/4-hour sessions per week
  • Be coachable

Swimmers are highly encouraged to become members of and race at the Pymble mini meets, Knox-Pymble Swim Club, local meets and Sydney Metro North East (SMNE) championships as they qualify.

  • Swim sessions offered: 8 per week
  • Recommended attendance: 3 per week
  • Dryland sessions offered: 10 minutes activation

Equipment requirements:  Mesh kit bag, two caps, two pairs of goggles, pull buoy, snorkel, finger paddles and long or short soft DMC fins.

Monthly Fees:
Pymble students:
$95.00 per month
Pymble siblings: $115.00 per month
Non-Pymble swimmers: $135.00 per month


This is a squad for athletes who have shown a passion for swimming and who have embraced the mentality of training to race. They will have sound technique in all four strokes and be given the opportunity to improve their capacity and power using an individual medley base. The main focus and content of this squad will be on improving stroke technique and race skills. They will be introduced gently to the qualities of ownership, accountability and self-management.

Entry level into this squad requires swimmers to:

  • Have a practiced training etiquette, stroke technique and skills
  • Attend a minimum of four 1 1/2-hour swim sessions and progress to half their age in sessions
  • Attend two 50-minute group core based land sessions (see schedule)
  • Be purposefully aiming to achieve Sydney Metro North East (SMNE), metropolitan and state qualifying times in multiple events
  • Be capable of training loads and intensities
  • Possess a standard level of coachability

All cadet squad members are a member of Knox-Pymble Swim Club and race at Pymble Mini meets,  club, local meets and SMNE, metropolitan and state championships as they qualify.

  • Swim sessions offered: 8 per week
  • Recommended attendance: 4 to 5 per week
  • Dryland sessions offered: 2 gym sessions per week

Equipment requirements: Mesh kit bag, two caps, two pairs of goggles, short soft DMC fins, finger paddles and pull buoy.

Monthly Fees:
Pymble students:
$115.00 per month
Pymble siblings: $140.00 per month
Non-Pymble swimmers: $150.00 per month

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Prior to enrolling into the program, all new members are required to book an assessment to determine their level within the program.

Payment terms and conditions

  • Swimming lessons and Squads are paid for on a monthly basis. All Payments for Learn to Swim and Squads are due on the first business day of the month, by direct debit with either a credit card or bank account.
  • The monthly fee will be reduced for lessons missed due to the facility being closed for public holidays. The facility will be completely closed to all programs on all Public Holidays.
  • Failure to provide a working credit card within 3 days after due date will result in a $10 handling fee per swimmer for each declined payment transaction. Please be aware that your account must be paid in full prior to your next lesson. Please note the 7 day cancellation policy prior to the end of the month. See Policies and Procedures for further details.
  • There will be a $5 replacement fee for any lost membership band. Swimming Caps and Goggles can be purchased from our Learn to Swim Reception Desk. Please see customer service staff for pricing information and product choice.

Squad Policies

Enrolment Policy
All squad bookings act as a perpetual booking.

Your booking will automatically roll over from month to month unless you notify us otherwise in writing. Please refer to the cancellation policy.

The minimum enrolment period is one month. Once your booking is made, it is not possible to cancel for that calendar month.

Students are placed into squads based on their skill-based ability.

Cancellation Policy
In order to withdraw from your squads, we require written notice seven days prior to the end of the month that you wish to cease your bookings. A request for withdrawal inside of these seven days will not be approved.

In order to notify us of your intent to withdraw from your squad booking, please fill out a withdrawal form at the front desk. This will ensure that your request is met promptly, and that you are not charged on the following monthly debit run.

Payment Policy

You will be charged via direct debit on the first business day of every month, for the month in advance. The first direct debit for squads will be processed on the first business day in May.

Your debit amount is the same each month regardless of the number of sessions you attend. If you have any questions regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact our administration team.

If a scheduled direct debit payment is rejected for any reason, a fee of $10.00 will be charged for each failed direct debit payment.

Refund Policy.

Refunds will only be issued in extenuating circumstances. Any requests for a refund must be applied for in writing and addressed to the Aquatic Centre Manager, Mr Ben Lehnen.

Any request for Family Credits will only be considered if there is an illness or injury that will affect the swimmers attendance for more than 4 weeks. In this instance a medical certificate must be received.

Faecal Response Policy

In the case of Faecal matter being reported within the pool, we are required by law, to immediately close the pool, while we remove the faecal matter and treat the pool chemically.

This will ensure the spread of infectious disease is not possible. In this case, we will need to cancel lessons.

Squad Procedures

Links Wristbands
On enrolment into our Squad swimming program, all registered children and adults will receive a wristband. This wristband will link to our computer software program to communicate that you are an active member in our program, allow us to see medical and contact information and manage your booking. Please ensure that each time you and your children come to their Squad lesson that this wrist band is used to scan themselves into their class prior to the commencement of the class.
If a wristband is lost, a $10 fee will be charged for a new wristband.

Change Room Usage
Parents and children 5 years of age and over must use the locker room of their own sex.

Poolside Behavior and Safety
Please be respectful of all other families by making sure your children, whether in lessons or not, are being supervised at all times. A parent or caretaker must check each child in and is responsible for their safety and good behavior unless that child is in the water with their designated coach.

Swimming Caps
All Aquatic program users must wear a swimming cap in the pool at all times. Swimming caps are available for purchase at our front reception desk.

Pool Use
Children are not to use pool outside of their scheduled lesson times.

Pymble Swimming may occasionally take photos of your child during lesson times. These photos may be used on our website, social media or for promotional purposes. If you do NOT want photos taken of your child, please be sure to notify us.