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Learn to Swim Policies and Procedures

Learn to Swim Policies

Enrolment Policy 

All Learn to Swim Classes operate as a perpetual booking

Lessons fees will be charged on a monthly, direct debit based payment.

Enrolments are possible after commencement of the month but are dependent on availability. Enrolments that are completed after the first business day of the month will be charged a pro-rata fee for the initial month. This fee will then move to a Direct Debit payment from the following month.

Students are placed in classes according to their skill based ability.

All new students over the age of 3 must undergo an assessment prior to enrolment.

Students under 3 years of age will be placed in a Water Comfort trial class.

Pymble Swimming will have two holiday periods per year. The first one will be in July (2 weeks), corresponding with the Public School Holiday period. The second one will be over the Christmas and New Year break (5 weeks). At all other times, Pymble Swimming Learn to Swim classes will continue to allow consistency for your children.

All bookings will automatically roll over from month to month unless you notify us otherwise in writing. Please refer to the cancellation policy

Make-Up Lesson Policy

At Pymble Swimming we place a large focus on the quality and consistency of the program that we deliver. Make up lessons disrupt classes and can cause children to be unsettled with different instructors and faces in the class.

We will allow One (1) make up lesson per child, per payment period for a missed lesson. To be entitled to a make- up lesson, we require the following:

Online class cancellation completed on our online booking web based system. This must be done prior to the missed lesson with minimum 24 hours notification.


An email may be sent to with a minimum of 24 hours notification prior to the lesson.

The lesson will be forfeited without this notification being received.

An understanding that once a make-up lesson is booked, it cannot be rescheduled.

An understanding that make-up classes cannot be guaranteed and options may be restricted during busy periods.

An understanding that make-up classes are subject to class availability. We are unable to over book classes to cater for make-up lessons.

An understanding that make-up lessons are only valid during the month of absence. Make-up lessons cannot be carried through to the next month or holiday intensives under any circumstance.

An understanding that Private lessons qualify for a make-up in a combined class only.

Make up lessons are non-transferrable from child to child or within families.

Cancellation Policy

In order to withdraw from your lessons, we require written notice 7 days prior to the end of the month that you wish to stop your swim lessons. A request for withdrawal inside of these 7 days will not be approved.

In order to notify us of your intent to withdraw from your lessons, please fill out a withdrawal form at the front desk. This will ensure that your request is met promptly, and that you are not charged on the following monthly debit run. Our cancellation form is also accessible on our website for your convenience.

Payment Policy

All Learn to Swim lesson fees will be charged on a Direct Debit basis. Payments will be deducted from your chosen credit card or bank account on the first business day of each month.

Refund/ Family Credit Policy

Refunds will only be issued in extenuating circumstances. Any requests for a refund must be applied for in writing and addressed to the Aquatic Centre Manager- Mr Ben Lehnen.

Any request for Family Credits will only be considered if there is an illness or injury that will affect the swimmers attendance for more than 4 weeks. In this instance a medical certificate must be received.

Faecal Response Policy

In the case of Faecal matter being reported within the pool, we are required by law, to immediately close the pool, while we remove the faecal matter and treat the pool chemically.

This will ensure the spread of infectious disease is not possible. In this case, we will need to cancel lessons.

Where we can, we will schedule a make-up lesson for those people who have been affected by the pool closure, or offer a one (1) lesson family credit.


Learn to Swim Procedures

Links Wristbands

On enrolment into our Learn to Swim Program, all registered children and adults will receive a wristband. This wristband will link to our computer software program to communicate that you are an active member in our program, allow us to see medical and contact information and manage your booking. Please ensure that each time you and your children come to their Learn to Swim or Squad lesson that this wrist band is used to scan themselves into their class prior to the commencement of the class.

If a wristband is lost, a $10 fee will be charged for a new wristband.

Swim Nappies

All children who are under the age of 3 or any child not yet fully toilet trained are required to wear both a disposable and a waterproof, reusable diaper. Please make sure you are buying a reusable diaper that is not too big for your child. The diaper should fit snug around the legs. The diaper must always be secured by a swimming costume over the top. Entry into the pool will not be granted without these.

Change Room Usage

Parents and children 5 years of age and over must use the locker room of their own sex.

Baby Change Tables

All babies must be changed on the Baby Change tables provided in both the male and female change rooms. There is no exception to this rule, due to our strict health and cleanliness policy in the Centre.

Talking to Instructors

To ensure the quality of our program is not compromised, please refrain from talking to your child’s teacher before, during or after their lesson, as this will impact the lessons of all the other children in the program. Please remember our Progress Advisor, who will be on Pool deck during Learn to Swim hours is always happy to talk. Any specific details that need to be discussed with your child’s teacher, can be done through the Progress Advisor.

Poolside Behavior and Safety

Please be respectful of all other families by making sure your children, whether in lessons or not, are being supervised at all times. A parent or caretaker must check each child in and is responsible for their safety and good behavior unless that child is in the water with their designated instructor.

Entering the Pool

Please do not allow or encourage children to enter the pool until their Instructor directs them to. This is one of the important safety messages that we enforce in our program, to ensure that children learn respect for the water, and are always only entering the water on direction of a responsible adult.

Class Changes

 There may be times where class and/or Instructor changes need to be made. Pymble Swimming reserve the right to alter class times & instructors if the need arises. In extreme cases, where we may be short staffed, the class maximum may be exceeded and classes offering different ability may be combined. 

Swimming Caps

All Aquatic program users must wear a swimming cap in the pool at all times. Swimming caps are available for purchase at our front reception desk.

Pool Use

Children are not to use pool outside of their scheduled lesson times.


Pymble Swimming may occasionally take photos of your child during lesson times. These photos may be used on our website, social media or for promotional purposes. If you do NOT want photos taken of your child, please be sure to notify us.