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Learn to SwimAt Pymble Swimming, we believe that all children should have access to quality swimming lessons to ensure that they have the skills in and around every water environment for their safety and survival. We are passionate about teaching children of all ages, and abilities the fundamental skills that will provide the foundation for their life experiences in and around the water.

Swimming, like any other physical activity, is based on development levels and needs to be practiced and re-enforced continually. Apart from the health and safety benefits of swimming, lessons also enhance social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Learn to Swim Levels

Our program focuses on progression. In each Level of swimming, there will be a focus on children learning how to swim or enhancing their technique. The aim is to swim the distance technically correct. Muscle memory is an amazing benefit and aid when learning how to swim or when correcting technical flaws, but that same muscle memory works to a child’s detriment when they are swimming incorrectly. By properly swimming shorter distances, children will learn faster and ultimately use less energy to swim further distances.

Learn to Swim - Starfish Learn to Swim - Seahorse Learn to Swim - Learning Learn to Swim - Shark
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Prior to enrolling into the program, all new members are required to book an assessment to determine their level within the program.