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Our squad program is offered to students and adult who show a capability and interest to compete in swim races. Placements are made into four different streams, based on their level of ability and age.

Squad Levels

Our Coaches

Leanne Speechley, Director of Coaching heads a team of highly qualified, experienced and accomplished coaches. They include:

  • Lynn Elliott – Silver Licence
  • Brandon Lawrence – Silver Licence
  • Steven Qu – Silver Licence
  • Brigette Moore – Bronze Licence
  • Rafael Rodrigues – Bronze Licence
Prior to enrolling into the program, all new members are required to book an assessment to determine their level within the program.

Payment terms and conditions

  • You will be charged via direct debit on first business day of every month, for the month in advance.
  • Your debit amount is the same each month regardless the number of sessions you attend. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact our administration team who will be happy to help you further.
  • If a scheduled direct debit payment is rejected for any reason, a fee of $10.00 will be charged for each failed direct debit payment.

Squad Policies

Enrolment Policy
All squad bookings act as a perpetual booking.

Your booking will automatically roll over from month to month unless you notify us otherwise in writing. Please refer to the cancellation policy.

The minimum enrolment period is one month. Once your booking is made, it is not possible to cancel for that calendar month.

Students are placed into squads based on their skill-based ability.

Cancellation Policy
In order to withdraw from your squads, we require notice 7 days prior to the beginning of the month in which you wish to stop your swimming lessons. A request for withdrawal inside of these seven days will not be approved.

In order to notify us of your intent to withdraw from your squad booking, please fill out a withdrawal form at the front desk. Our cancellation form is also accessible on the Pymble Skoolbag application for your convenience.

Refund Policy.

Refunds will only be issued in extenuating circumstances. Any requests for a refund must be applied for in writing and addressed to the Aquatic Centre Manager.

Any request for Family Credits will only be considered if there is an illness or injury that will affect the swimmers attendance for more than 4 weeks. In this instance a medical certificate must be received.

Faecal Response Policy

In the case of Faecal matter being reported within the pool, we are required by law, to immediately close the pool, while we remove the faecal matter and treat the pool chemically.

This will ensure the spread of infectious disease is not possible. In this case, we will need to cancel lessons.

Squad Procedures

Links Access Pass
On enrolment into our Squad swimming program, all registered children and adults will receive a access pass. This access pass will link to our computer software program to communicate that you are an active member in our program, allow us to see medical and contact information and manage your booking. Please ensure that each time you and your children come to their Squad lesson that this access pass is used to scan themselves into their class prior to the commencement of the class.
If a access pass is lost, a $10 fee will be charged for a new access pass.

Change Room Usage
Parents and children 5 years of age and over must use the locker room of their own sex.

Poolside Behavior and Safety
Please be respectful of all other families by making sure your children, whether in lessons or not, are being supervised at all times. A parent or caretaker must check each child in and is responsible for their safety and good behavior unless that child is in the water with their designated coach.

Swimming Caps
All Aquatic program users must wear a swimming cap in the pool at all times. Swimming caps are available for purchase at our front reception desk.

Pool Use
Children are not to use pool outside of their scheduled lesson times.

Pymble Swimming may occasionally take photos of your child during lesson times. These photos may be used on our website, social media or for promotional purposes. If you do NOT want photos taken of your child, please be sure to notify us.