Year 7 Parents’ Information Evening and Study Skills Workshop

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Parents and Students to attend

We are holding an information evening for the parents of Year 7 girls and students moving into Year 8 in 2016.  This will take place on Tuesday 2 August, commencing at 6:00pm in the GMCPA.

Prue Salter

The evening will commence with a presentation by Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services ( ELES is an Australian business committed to helping all students improve their ability to learn and study and Prue is widely recognised as an expert in helping students move towards fulfilling their personal academic potential.

During the early years of high school it is essential that students develop study habits that will promote academic success. This evening takes parents and students through the essential skills of managing workload, working effectively at home, summarising notes, preparing for exams and explains how students can integrate these into their approach to school.

Parents are in a position to best support their child’s learning by being cognisant of the skills and strategies that are being used to learn and enabling open communication with their child. This evening will provide a range of strategies for both parents and students to use in their respective roles as learner and support person. Attending with your child will provide further opportunity to strengthen the learning relationships and network that your child will require for success in their learning.

Parents can expect to gain a greater understanding of tools students can use to help them achieve academic success and students can learn how to make the most out of their abilities through simple but effective techniques. The feedback from parents and students who attend this session is always excellent and those who don’t attend are always regretful after hearing about the experience they missed!

For more information please refer to the following information sheet:  Prue Salter Presentation Flyer

A testimonial from one parent who attended this evening was “What I found so wonderful about the presentation from Prue was that being there with my daughter, I was able to learn these skills as well so that I can keep a close eye on things and make sure it happens”.

Creating a positive study and learning environment is a partnership between the College and home and parents have a vital role in the success of this outcome for their daughters. Therefore this presentation from Prue Salter is one not to be missed by you and your daughter.

Elective Subject Selection

This will then be followed by a presentation at 7.30pm from Mr Stephen Dunk regarding the process for Elective subject selection for 2017. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend this important evening in support of their daughters learning and approach to study.


To confirm your attendance at this evening can you please complete the form by clicking the link below by Wednesday 27 July:

Information Evening RSVP

We look forward to seeing you at this important event for your daughter’s learning journey in Middle School and are sure that you and your daughter will find the evening of value.