In 2022, our Year 9 Pioneers embarked on Pymble’s first Residential Program at Vision Valley.

For four weeks, students live and learn away from home with their peers in a less-frantic, technology-free environment, giving them time and space to connect with themselves, others and the environment.  

A glimpse into Stringybark Lodge

Each carefully considered component of the program aims to help our girls develop a stronger understanding of who they are and where they fit in the world, respectful relationships with others and a greater appreciation of the natural environment around them. 

These invigorating experiential opportunities complement our regular College programs and help our girls develop a strong set of vital life skills. 

dr kate hadwen, principal


Students can extend themselves, solidify their friendships and build their self-efficacy, resilience, courage, leadership, and teamwork under the guidance of our specialist outdoor instructors and teachers.

Learning is different at Vision Valley. Every aspect of the residential experience – from lessons to physical challenges, chores and downtime – builds real-world learning and problem-solving into the context of living in this incredible natural environment.  

The curriculum has been designed to make the most of Vision Valley’s physical resources and reflects important themes girls are taught at the College – including sustainability, First Nations learning and respectful relationships – to allow a seamless transition back to main campus learning after the program.  

Lessons are planned as either integrated (combining multiple subjects) or intensive (single subject) and often take place outdoors, at night or whenever and wherever learning will be most effective. 

Watch the video to get an inside look into the Residential Program and to hear from our pioneers about their stay.