Lorraine Fryer (Colley 1942)


Corporal Colley 109869 Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF)

Lorraine Colley hailed from Jamberoo and was a boarder and an active member of the College community from 1941 to 1942. Lorraine was in the ‘A’ Hockey team in both years; 1942 was a particularly successful Hockey season with most matches played against a variety of schools on the Presbyterian Ladies’ College oval at Pymble.

During her time at the College, Lorraine was also secretary of the French Dramatic Club, which she started with seven other girls. The French Dramatic Club offered the students a glimpse into French poetry and drama and followed what were considered the current events of the time, involving the Free French Movement.

In 1943, Lorraine decided to help the war effort, hoping to “become a wireless telegraphy operator in just a matter of another five months”.  She wrote to Miss Knox stating that she started out doing the “rookie’s course” and then moved on to “doing the Morse for four weeks”. Morse code was vital in World War II to communicate between warships and a wide range of bases so that the opposing side could not access and discover plans.

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