The Pymble Institute drives our thinking forward with a commitment to research, innovation and professional learning

We enable Pymble students and staff to learn about, participate in and conduct research by building opportunities and skills in the world of research. Our focus is on research which positively impacts the lives of girls and women.

We welcome connections with academics, universities and other research institutions.

Pymble‘s research activities include:

  • an ethics committee with student, staff and external expert membership
  • annual student research journal, Perspective
  • bi-annual research and innovation journal, Illuminate
  • annual research conference for Pymble staff, teachers from other schools and academics to explore educational research
  • student research conference – run by and for students
  • research training for students and staff
  • co-designed research projects with academic partners

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Pymble Research Conference 2022 – Conversations about research

The Pymble Institute hosted its third annual Research Conference, ‘Conversations about Research’, where Pymble staff delivered presentations on research based in their teaching practice, their PhD and Masters projects in progress, and research investigations from a new professional learning opportunity, the Bright Field mentoring program.

Keynote Speaker and College Board member, Dr Kate Highfield opened the event with a discussion on the relevance of early childhood education in the broader edusphere. Dr Highfield emphasised how the first 2,000 days (or first five years) of a child’s life is the “golden zone of possibility” when synaptic pathways are established as a base for future learning and outcomes in education, health and wellbeing.

Thank you to Dr Highfield and our Pymble staff who presented at the conference. The research and ideas shared on the day are through lines for teaching and learning across K-12 at Pymble as well as influential in the development of our own Early Learning Centre.

Student Research Conference 2022

Our Pymble Institute proudly hosted its Inaugural Pymble Student Research Conference: ‘Researching students? Students as researchers and students being researched.’

This student-designed and student-led conference brought together students from several schools to learn about research from those immersed in their fields, with the aim of encouraging students to participate in research.

This event showcased research through a student lens, bringing together Years 5 to 12 students, teachers, Education undergraduates, parents, professors and school leaders; all enthused to learn more about research.




This journal shines the light on Pymble teachers as designers and innovators of education, and the creative, connected and engaged practice in our community of learners. The articles will take readers into classrooms from Kindergarten in the Preparatory School to Year 12 in the Senior School, from Drama to Science to the Library. We invite you to enjoy this insight into the depth and diversity of innovation in our learning environments and our commitment to sustainable capacity building.

Perspective Student Research Journal

Edition 1, 2020: This edition showcases the work of several of our high-achieving Year 12 girls from 2020.

Edition 2, 2021: This edition extends beyond Higher School Certificate Extension course essays to a collection of student research from other grades.

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Dr Sarah Loch
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