Centenary Celebrations Committee

The Centenary Celebrations Committee, formed in 2013, was charged with the oversight of the Centenary, advising on general information and content for the celebrations.

The committee comprised of the following delegates:

  • Vicki Waters, Principal
  • David Sexton, General Manager (Chair of Committee)
  • Jodie Doyle, Centenary Co-ordinator
  • Sonia Powell, College Council
  • Kylie Macdonald, Pymble Parent Association
  • Nikki Wyse, Head of Senior School
  • Sabina Turner, Director of Music
  • Deanne Elliott, Director of Boarding
  • Byron Barnes, Director of Development
  • Joy England, Manager – Alumni Relations
  • Katrina Corcoran, President, Ex-Students’ Union
  • John Evans, Director of Facilities
  • Sue Everingham, Ex-Students’ Union
  • Cameron Anderson, Director of Sport and Activities
  • Judith Read, Director of Planning and Administration

Working groups were formed to conduct planning for some of the major events such as the Sports Dinner and Back to Boarding Weekend.