1916 to 1926

1916 - Presbyterian Ladies' College, Pymble

8 February 1916

The College, then Presbyterian Ladies’ College Pymble, opens its doors. The new College is jointly controlled by the same Council as Presbyterian Ladies’ College Croydon and was also under the supervision and care of the same Principal, Dr John Marden.

31 July 1926

Goodlet House is officially opened by Mr R. W. Gillespie. The house was named after Colonel Goodlet, one of the founders of Croydon College and a member of the Site Selecting Committee for Pymble. Marden and Lang Houses had already been completed in 1916.

31 July 1926 - Opening of Goodlet House

19 March 1926

The first swimming pool is opened by His Excellency, the Governor-General, Lord Stonehaven. At that time there were no fences or dressing sheds. This pool served the school well before its replacement in 1983 by the Jeanette Buckham Centre for Physical Education.

Presbyterian Ladies' College badge 1916 to 1929

June 1926

The College motto "All' Ultimo Lavoro" and badge is first recorded in the Magazine of the Presbyterian Ladies’ College Pymble. The first badge used from 1916 – 1929 bore a crest with the words Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney.

Dr John Marden, MA, LLD, Principal 1916 to 1920

Founding Principal 1916-1920

Dr John Marden, MA, LLD

Number of Students reaches 60, of whom 1/3 are boarders