The school song is introduced, written by then-student Margot Hentze (1926). The song is set to the tune of Hearts of Oak by Dr Boyd. Up until this time, the school song had been shared with Croydon.

The School Song

This is Pymble College which we hold so dear
And all of us honour, respect and revere.
Our wish is its glory, our pride is its fame
And ever we strive to keep clear its good name.

Both in work and in sport
High ideals are sought;
‘All’ ultimo lavoro’
That is our motto,
The maxim for which we have fought
And have wrought

Our colours are scarlet and navy and white
And under their shadow are fair play and right.
Dr Marden, of yore, was our founder and friend,
His mem’ry we’ll cherish right unto the end.

The future of Pymble need cause us no fears;
‘Twill grow ever greater and live through the years,
And new girls will follow, in unending chain,
And Youth be renewed again and again.