1937 to 1946

21 April 1938

Opening of Gillespie-McIllrath House by Dr Wallace, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney. It was the first endowed building for the College and contained seven new classrooms as well as a private residence for the Principal.

Opening of Gillespie-McIllrath House in 1938

7 June 1942

The outbreak of World War II did not have an immediate effect on the College but steps were taken to protect the school. When Japanese submarines threatened Sydney harbour, students and staff took shelter beneath the Colonnade where an air raid shelter had been set up.

The Colonnade circa 1940
Presbyterian Ladies' College badge 1937 to 1929

Mid 1930s

Uniform requirements from mid 1930s to 1950s.

1946 Miss Knox and the Duchess of Gloucester during her visit to the College

22 November 1946

Visit from Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester whose husband the HRH the Duke of Gloucester was Governor-General of Australia from 1944 to 1947. After lunch at the Principal’s residence the Duchess received a tour of the school and greeted students along the Colonnade.

The giant stride

The year 1946

The Giant Stride was introduced and particularly popular with girls from Ingleholme and those who came through from Junior School. Metal hand pieces hung down from the central maypole by a loose chain. To get a grip, the upper or lower rung must be held with one hand and the chain with the other.