Our History, 1927 to 1936


2 August

The official opening of the John Marden Memorial Gates, built as a fitting tribute to the founding Principal Dr John Marden who passed away on 29 October 1924. Mr J. H Beatson, member of the College Council, cut the cords of red and white.


Dr S Marden, son of Dr John Marden, donates a prize in memory of his father. The Marden Prize is still the highest prize awarded annually at Speech Night for Dr Marden’s “idea of gracious womanhood”.



The Presbyterian Ladies’ College of Croydon and Pymble separates and becomes governed by separate councils. The Ex-Students Union is also formed with the first President (known then as convener) Mollie Jeffrey (Vicars 1917).


Mr JHS Angus donates the Angus Cup. Boarding houses Marden, Lang and Goodlet compete for the Cup each year and it is awarded to the House winning the highest aggregate marks in sport, singing, drama and essay writing.



The first issue of the Pymble Ex-Students magazine is published. The magazine was published annually until November 1989 when the ESU committee decided members would be better informed by a smaller broadsheet, published quarterly.


Lang House closes to boarders as numbers fall to 148 day girls and 69 boarders, owing to the Depression. Boarders were accommodated in Marden and Goodlet Houses with 10 boarders at the Principal’s residence, Grey House.


Kindergarten is opened in the Lang House common room with 14 pupils, including two boys.


Miss Grace Mackintosh, MA is appointed as the new Principal after Miss Jobson’s resignation earlier that year.


Introduction of the College Prayer by Miss Mackintosh: Almighty and Everlasting God, in whom we live and move and have …



Lang House reopens. In 1936 there were 115 boarders in residence.