General questions

At Pymble Swimming, we strongly encourage year-round swimming lessons for all levels of swimmers.

There are many benefits to participating in swimming lessons during winter. In many cases, winter is one of the best times of the year to swim!

  • Classes tend to be smaller which reduces the child to teacher ratio.
  • Your child is more likely to progress further if they continue to practice and build upon the skills that they have already learnt during the warmer months.
  • Be mindful that it can be hard to re-establish the swimming lesson routine if your child has had a significant break from lessons.

There is no free or casual swimming offered to customers of Pymble Swimming before or after classes.

No. Due to our swim school forming part of a school extra curricular program we are ineligible to participate in this scheme.

We will closely mirror the school term. Our swimming schedule is be provided in advance so you can adjust your bookings accordingly. We also operate holiday intensive programs during holiday periods.

All Learn to Swim and Squad families will be placed onto monthly direct debit.

Both Learn to Swim and Squad payments will be charged monthly. The Direct Debit run will be processed on the 1st business day of every calendar month.

All fees are charged on a pro rata basis.

Our fees are charged on a pro-rata basis. Any lessons that fall on a public holiday will automatically be deducted from the fee that you pay for that month.

You will not be charged during school holidays or as specified by our program timetable.

At Pymble Swimming, we will never lock you into a contract.

It is your responsibility however, that your cancellation request is completed prior to the end of the current month of swimming, ensuring that you are not debited for the following month.

Cancellation must be completed 7 days before the end of the current month.

We do not accept phone calls or emails as proof of cancellation.

Yes. Our highly trained and professional Learn to Swim and coaching staff are experienced and proven in the industry.

All staff are trained to teach the ‘Pymble Swimming’ way to ensure the Pymble Swimming program displays consistency and quality across the board.

All Learn to Swim teachers’ teachers hold an industry accredited qualification from either Swim Australia or Austswim.

All our coaches hold bronze, silver or gold accreditations with Swim Australia

If there is an incident, including faecal matter or vomit in the pool, by law, we are required to close the pool, and cancel lessons.

This will allow for the pool to be treated with the appropriate chemicals to ensure any disease or sickness is not able to be spread in the pool.

Where possible, we will provide make-up lessons in the case of pool closures due to incidents in the pool.

If we are unable to reschedule, we will reimburse the lost lesson through family credit.

Learn to Swim questions

The Deck Supervisor constantly monitors the progress of your child. When your child has completed the skills and objectives of their current level you will be handed a Promotion Notification form which you will need to take to reception to arrange a new class level and time.

Yes. Ask the Supervisor on pool deck before the class starts or you can also call reception who will request the supervisor assesses your child and provides feedback accordingly.

We encourage parents and carers to remain on the pool deck during the swimming lessons. We find most children respond positively to parents and carers watching them learn to swim.

From a child safety perspective, we require parents of children under 10 years to be accompanied to and from the facility, be present during classes and escort children back to the carpark as required.

The booking notification you receive on enrolment or change of class indicates which swimming bay you will be swimming in for each lesson.

Swimming bays are marked with a number on the pool deck and remain the same for the term.

Preschool Learn to Swim

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning 9.00 am – 12.00pm and Saturdays between 8.00 am – 12.00 pm

School age Learn to Swim

Monday – Friday afternoons from 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm (Pymble Students only from 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm)

Saturday mornings between 8.00 am – 12.00 pm for both Preschool and School age swimmers.

Saturday afternoons between 12.30pm – 3.30pm for School age swimmers only.

No. You cannot suspend Learn to Swim lessons.

If you are seeking to take a break from lessons you will need to complete a cancellation request and cancel your lessons.

When you are ready to recommence simply contact Pymble Swimming and book a new day and time.

We cannot guarantee the same day and time you swam under your previous booking.

We will do our utmost to provide your child with the most consistent learning experience as possible, and we place high importance on the need for this. 

However, there are occasions when teacher changes are required. It is our aim to ensure that if a teacher is away, that the replacement teacher is qualified in the relevant level of our program and follows the same lesson plans focussed on the same objectives. This will ensure the quality of the lesson is preserved.

Please be assured that a crying child in lessons is not uncommon in the Learn to Swim environment. The crying is a natural expression of a child’s emotional discomfort usually due to the new pool environment, or because of separation from you.

If your child is clearly worried before swimming lessons, the most important thing you can do, as their parent, is stay calm!

Walk your child over to their instructor, and hand them over to the teacher, and walk back to your chair calmly, and with a happy expression on your face.

By handing your child over to the teacher calmly, you are telling your child that you trust the teacher. Our swimming teachers will then have already achieved the first step of gaining the trust of your child.

On average, most crying swim students will stop after the fourth consistent lesson. At the very least, the crying will ideally be diminishing with each lesson.

If things are not showing signs of improving, our management staff will advise you of the best action to take for your child. There are many different factors triggering this, and we will help you discover the best thing to do for your child.

It is extremely important to remember that every child is different, and you should always avoid comparing the progress of your child to other children their age.

Many parents are led to believe that their children cannot even start learning to swim independently until they are 3 years of age. This is not the case! Children are extremely capable and with regular babies classes can float and move through the water independently for short distances or to return and reach for the wall between 12-18 months of age.

No. Your child’s swimming teacher needs to have their full focus on the children they are teaching and awareness of the pool environment.

Please resist from talking to the instructors before, during and after classes to make sure the quality of what is happening in the water is not compromised.

Our Pool Deck Supervisors are available to talk about your child’s progress.

Unfortunately, we are not able to suspend Learn to Swim lessons.

If you wish to secure your spot while you are away, you will need to pay the monthly fee to do so. Otherwise, you may cancel your classes, and re-book when you return.

You cannot book a class more than seven days in advance of it commencing.

We do not encourage back-to-back lessons in our Learn to swim program.

Experience shows that concentration and application of skills diminishes during the second lesson so its more advantageous to split your swimming lessons across different days and preferably evenly spread across the week for maximum learning and application.

The Pool Deck Supervisor is responsible for

  • Assessing a students’ progress regularly and providing feedback to Parents/Carers
  • Safe delivery of all Learn to Swim lessons
  • Ensure Learn to Swim classes follow the Pymble Swimming teaching methodology and lesson formats
  • Provide feedback to the swimming instructors to ensure ongoing development.
  • Promote children to the next level when they have met the required current level standards.

Squad questions

Yes. If you are swimming in our Squad program you can request to suspend your membership for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of 8 weeks.

By doing this we will not charge squad fees whilst your membership is suspended.

Pymble Swimming is the squad program. This is where you are provided with the service of coaching and who you pay your coaching fees to.

Pymble Ladies’ College is for Pymble girls only. Swimmers represent the College at all school meets such as IGSA, CIS, All Schools and School Sport Australia.

Knox Pymble Swim Club is the platform we use to race in competitions locally, State and Nationwide. We are affiliated with Sydney Metro North East (SMNE), Swimming New South Wales (SNSW) and Swimming Australia Limited (SAL).

All new squad members will need to fill out the online Google form provided by our Customer Service team.

From here we determine if you are eligible and a squad coach will do an assessment to grade you into the appropriate squad.

All swimmers must qualify based on criteria determined by the coaching team.

This can be achieved by booking an assessment with our Pymble Swimming Customer service team on +61 2 9855 7460, or visit the reception at the Aquatic Centre.

Every child progresses at a different rate based on their physical growth, commitment to training, predisposition to the sport and ability to master the technical skills required. Our coaches will constantly assess the swimmers progress and promote accordingly.

Pymble Swimming runs a separate holiday schedule. It is designed as a camp or clinic style, so we can do everyday and add team building, education and extra activities that support our sport and our mindset.

The older groups will go away on swim camp via our program or the swim club.

Yes, you can join the club if you have met our performance criteria to join our competition stream squads

Swimming in more than one program means swimmers receive mixed messages, become confused, get extra tired and have divided loyalties.

Here at Pymble we pride ourselves on knowing where our swimmers are at via the workload we prescribe, the technical tweaks we are making, building strong friendships and generally developing a trusting and solid coach-swimmer relationship.

No, if your son attends Knox they are requested to swim in the applicable Knox Squad program.

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