• Learn to Swim classes operate as a monthly block and lessons are charged on a pro rata basis.
  • You will only be charged for the number of lessons available in that month.
  • Enrolments are possible after commencement of the month but are dependent on availability.
  • You can only book one week in advance of the lesson start date.
  • You must complete the enrolment form.
  • You must make an initial pro rata payment for the initial booking to confirm your lesson.
  • You must provide direct debit details for fees to be paid from Bank Account or Credit card.
  • Students will be placed in classes according to their ability.
  • All new students over the age of 3 must undergo an assessment prior to enrolment.
  • If you have not attended lessons for 6 months or more we will require you to be assessed before re-enrolment.

Pymble Swimming have a strict make-up Lesson policy.

At Pymble Swimming, we understand that life is very busy and there will be the occasion that you are unable to attend a lesson. The quality and consistency of the program we aim to deliver is compromised if make-up lessons are freely available.

At Pymble Swimming, we will allow one (1) make up lesson per month for a missed lesson.

To be entitled to a make-up lesson, we require the following:

  • An email or phone call at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the lesson sent to swimming@pymblelc.nsw.edu.au or phone on 02 98557460.
  • Make-up lessons can only be taken up to 30 days after the missed class.
  • Make-up lessons cannot be used in the holiday intensive program.
  • Once a make-up lesson is booked, it cannot be rescheduled.
  • Private lessons qualify for a make-up in a combined class only.
  • Please note that make up-lessons cannot be guaranteed and options may be restricted during busy periods. 
  • If you cancel your lessons any make-up lessons owing will automatically be forfeited

To withdraw from lessons, Pymble Swimming require written notice 7 days prior to the end of the month.

To cancel your child’s lessons please complete the following form

A request for withdrawal inside of these 7 days may not be approved.

A suspension form must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the end of a month, for a suspension the following month.

  • A suspension cannot be submitted retrospectively.
  • A suspension must be for a minimum of 7 days and maximum 8 weeks.
  • If a suspension is greater than 8 weeks, you will need to complete a Pymble Swimming cancellation form.
  • It is the parent or carer responsibility to ensure the swimmer recommences training once the suspension ceases.
  • Please complete 1 form per student.

Refunds are generally not given under any circumstances.

Family credits maybe be considered by the Aquatic and Fitness centre manager for extenuating circumstances. These requests must be submitted in writing for consideration but are not guaranteed.

If the pool is required to have an unplanned closure due to maintenance or as per Public Health guidelines, then a family credit maybe issued but only after approval from the Aquatic and Fitness centre manager.

In the case of faecal matter being reported within the pool, we are required by law, to immediately close the pool, while we remove the faecal matter and treat the pool chemically.

This process may take up to 2 hours. This ensures the spread of infectious disease is not possible.

While the pool is closed for cleaning we will need to cancel lessons.

Where we can, we will schedule a make-up lesson for those people who have been affected by the pool closure or offer a one (1) lesson family credit.

On enrolment into our Learn to Swim or Squad swimming program, all registered children and adults will receive an access tag.

This tag will link to our computer software to tell us that you are an active member in our program.

This tag needs to be used at the entry to the Learn to swim pool and the main 50m pool by scanning the reader before entering for your lesson.

This access tag also notifies us of your attendance

All children who are under the age of 3 or any child not fully toilet trained are required to wear both a disposable aqua nappy and a waterproof, reusable nappy over the top.

With cases of Cryptosporidiosis being reported by NSW Health at other pools, we need to ensure we are keeping each other safe by following our Nappy Policy.

When buying a reuseable nappy please ensure it is tight fitting around the legs and waist to avoid any leaks into the water. If you are unsure of what to purchase, please speak to our customer service team for assistance.

There are no exceptions to this requirement and children should not enter the water unless this policy is adhered to.

Parents and children 5 years and over must use the change room of their own sex.

All babies must be changed on the baby change tables provided in both the male and female change rooms.

This ensures cleanliness and a healthy aquatic environment.

To ensure the quality of our program is not compromised, please refrain from talking to your child’s instructor before, during or after their lesson as this will impact the lessons of all the other children in the program.

Our Pool Deck Supervisor who will be on the pool deck during Learn to Swim hours is always happy to talk.

Any specific details that need to be discussed with your child’s teacher, can be done through the Deck Supervisor.

Please be respectful of all other families by making sure your children, whether in lessons or not, are always supervised.  

A parent or carer must remain within reach and eyesight of your child.

Please do not leave your child alone before or after lessons. We encourage you to help our team manage safety at all times.

Please do not allow or encourage your child to enter the pool until their Instructor directs them to.

This is one of the important safety messages that we enforce in our program, to ensure that children learn respect for the water, and are always only entering the water on direction of a responsible adult.

There may be times where class and/or Instructor changes need to be made. Pymble Swimming reserve the right to alter class times and instructors if the need arises.

All aquatic program users must always wear a swimming cap in the pool.

Swimming caps are available for purchase at our front reception desk.

Swimming caps keep swimmers hair out of the way whilst learning to swim and ensures cleaner water for all.

Whilst goggle are not compulsory, they are recommended from 12 months of age and up.

Due to health requirements, we no longer lend out temporary caps or goggles.

Children are not to use pool outside of their scheduled lesson times.

No recording devices may be used by families anywhere in the Aquatic Centre.

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