Ex-Students’ Union

The Ex-Students’ Union (ESU) promotes and celebrates the lives and careers of ex-students of Pymble Ladies’ College as role models for the unending chain of new girls who follow.

The current President, Li-Enn Koo (1991) and the members of the committee are all dedicated to encouraging ex-students to stay in contact with the College and with each other. The ESU supports a number of initiatives including the Ex-Students’ Union Scholarship, an Artist-in-Residence Grant as well as making a financial contribution towards uniforms for the Indigenous Scholars. In addition, the ESU sponsors the ex-students hockey and netball teams, participates in Garden Party and assists with the Heritage Centre, home of the Archives.

Established as a separate body in 1929, ESU today aims to:

  • Maintain the traditions and foster the welfare of the College
  • Unite past members of the College with present ones
  • Keep together the ‘old girls’ of the College whose spirit reflects the Pymble ethos.

The ESU has members locally, nationally and internationally. Wherever you go you will find Pymble girls from all walks of life. With a dedicated reunion and event program including interstate and international reunions, the ESU ensures that the ties between ex-students are continued beyond the College gates. Events such as Commemoration Day, held on the last Sunday of July, continues to be an important day for coming together to celebrate the dedication of the College in 1919.

Being part of the ESU provides opportunities to share skills and talents. Many ex-students come back to College as mentors, speakers or guests of current girls. The Careers night held in April is a very popular event and is a chance to hear from other ex-students.


ESU Life Members receive the College magazine and the Pymbulletin, three times per year. A newly established ESU e-Newsletter is also available for ex-students. If you are not a Life Member and would like to join, please download the application form below.

Ex-students are encouraged to keep in touch through Facebook and Linkedin.

We welcome all our ex-students back to the College and encourage them to participate in the events and reunion program. For further information please email esu@pymblelc.nsw.edu.au