The College offers a number of scholarships each year to girls entering Years 7 to 11. For further details about each scholarship offered please follow the links below: 

Performance Scholarship- Sport 2024 

Registration for the 2024 Performance Scholarship – Sport 7-11 is now closed.

All Rounder Scholarship 2024 

Registration for the 2024 All-Rounder 7-11 scholarship is now closed.

Academic, Music, Boarding and ESU Scholarships 2025 

Registration for 2025 Junior or Senior Academic, Performance – Music, Boarding and Ex-Student Union scholarships are now closed.

Performance Scholarships 2025 

Registration for the 2025 Performance Scholarship – Sport 7-11 will open on 1 November 2023 and close on 24 February 2024.

PLEASE NOTE – this is a new timeframe and new application process for the 2025 Performance – Sport scholarship.

Registration for the 2025 All-Rounder 7-11 scholarship will open in April 2024 (the year prior to commencement).

First Nations Scholarships 2024 

Applications for 2024 First Nations Scholarships are closed.

*The College Council reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from any scholarship holder. 

For further information about scholarship opportunities at Pymble, please review the information found on the individual scholarship pages above or email the Enrolments Manager.

Mrs Clair Stock
Enrolments Manager