Our main entry points are Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 11; however, there are occasional vacancies in other years. Students entering the College in Kindergarten must turn five (5) years of age by 31 March.

An Application for Enrolment form should be completed and submitted to the College as soon as the decision to enrol your daughter has been made. The documentation as detailed on the form must be provided with the Application for Enrolment form together with payment of the non-refundable Application Fee of $440 (including GST). The form must be signed by the parent/s or Guardian who is responsible for the enrolment. 

If the application is complete and a place is available in the grade and calendar year required, parents will receive a letter from the Enrolment Manager offering a Provisional Place. A non-refundable Acceptance Fee of $2,000 (including GST) will hold a place for your daughter until an interview is conducted, not more than two years prior to commencement. A Provisional Place does not guarantee a confirmed place at the College. If a place is not immediately available or the application requires further supporting documentation, your daughter’s name will be placed on our enrolment waitlist. 

Approximately two years prior to commencement, the Enrolments Department will contact families who are holding a Provisional Place to confirm their intention to proceed with their daughter’s enrolment and to arrange an interview. Up-to-date reports will be requested at this time. Families who do not respond or cannot be contacted within a reasonable timeframe will have their daughter’s Provisional Place released. 

Students and their parents are required to attend an enrolment interview with the relevant Head of School or delegate. Places are offered at the Principal’s discretion. 

Upon receiving an offer for a Confirmed Place at the College, parents must accept the offer by returning the non-refundable Entry Fee of $2,400 before the due date. 

Parents of future students will have pre-commencement information shared with them prior to commencement. Students will also be invited to the College to attend orientation events. With no entrance examination, Pymble caters to girls of all abilities across a wide range of subjects and interests. For students entering Years 3, 5 and 7 an Assessment Morning will be held as part of their orientation. 

Enrolment FAQ

A. We suggest that you apply as soon as you know you are interested in sending your daughter to the College. As we offer places based on a receipt of application date, early application is advisable, particularly in the Preparatory and Junior Schools. 

A. Students must be five years old by 31 March of the year they commence Kindergarten.  

A. The College year starts in late January. Students relocating from overseas are advised to start at the beginning of our school year. A mid-year entry may be possible but cannot be guaranteed. We seek to place students in the year group where they are of the same or similar age. The number of years of schooling and their current academic year is also taken into consideration. Generally, an overseas student who is in Year 5 in October is likely to be looped back to Year 5 at Pymble the following January. Similarly, a student completing Year 9 in June would be enrolled in Year 9 in Semester 2 at Pymble

A. Subject to availability, we will contact parents/guardians of students on our waitlist in the year prior to entry; however, as soon as places become available we contact families who are on the waitlist to confirm their intention to proceedAn offer of a Provisional Place with a short time frame to accept will be sent to you. If this is not accepted before the due date, the offer will expire and we will contact the next student on the waitlist. 

A. Having a sister at the College or a mother or grandmother who attended the College will give your daughter priority if there is a waitlist in the requested year group, but it does not always guarantee a place. All students entering the College are interviewed prior to being offered a Confirmed Place. We encourage families to apply as soon as possible to ensure that a place can be held at the College for their daughter. 

A. No. Pymble is a non-selective school and does not have an entrance exam prior to confirmation of enrolment. Each student will have an interview with the appropriate Head of School prior to being offered a Confirmed Place. This provides us with the opportunity to learn more about your daughter and you can ask any questions you may have about Pymble and the staff who will be caring for your daughter. For students entering Years 3, 5 and 7, an Assessment Morning will be held as part of their orientation.

A. The Conditions of Entry and Continuing Enrolment outline the roles and responsibilities of students, parents and the College. The Conditions are accepted by parents/legal guardians when an Application for Enrolment form is submitted and again prior to commencement. 

A. Students whose first language is not English (regardless of citizenship or residency status) and who have not been studying in an English-speaking school for at least four years, are required to have their readiness for entry into the Junior and Secondary Schools supported by a certificate of their English fluency from the Australian Education Assessment Service. This certificate must accompany their Application for Enrolment form before an interview can be arranged and a Confirmed Place offered. The minimum level required is a Stanine 7 out of 9 in all areas assessed. More information about English proficiency requirements.

Students who are applying at Pymble for entry into Kindergarten to Year 3, whose first language is not English, must show evidence of English fluency. An English assessment may be requested by the Head of School prior to a Confirmed Place being offered. 

A. If you wish to transfer your daughter’s provisional enrolment, please email the Enrolments Department with your request. The Enrolments Manager will confirm whether a place is available in the requested year. 

If a place is not available, or it is not an intake year, your daughter’s name will be placed on the waitlist of the new year group. The application date will be adjusted to the date of the transfer request. 

Enrolments can be transferred twice. Please consider carefully the year group your daughter is most likely to enter the College. 

If the student has a Confirmed Place and the transfer is to a year group in a different School (e.g. Middle School), the place reverts to a Provisional Place or waitlist place (non-intake year) and an interview will be required before the enrolment is confirmed. Fees already paid will be transferred with the enrolment. 

A. Boarding is offered for students on a full-time basis in Years 7 to 12. More information can be found on the Boarding webpage

If you wish to change your daughter’s enrolment from Day to Boarding or vice versa, please contact the Enrolments Manager 7-12.  

Current students who are Boarders are expected to remain in Boarding for the full year unless otherwise specified and agreed to by the Principal. Notice of a change from Boarding to Day status should have at least one (1) term’s notice; otherwise Boarding fees in lieu of notice will be charged. 

A. If an application is received and your daughter does not have Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency, her application will be waitlisted until her visa has been approved. 

When the visa has been granted, please forward the documentation to the Enrolments Department and we can proceed with your daughter’s application according to our requirements and pending a place being available. 

For families seeking an enrolment for their daughter as an Overseas Student (subclass 500 visa), please refer to the International Students page.

A. If your circumstances have changed since the original application for enrolment form was submitted, please contact the Enrolments Department. It is likely you will be required to submit a new Application for Enrolment Form outlining updated living arrangements and/or financial responsibilities in relation to your daughter’s enrolment. If a Parenting Plan or Court Order is in place, this documentation must be included. You are not required to pay any new Enrolment Fees that have already been processed with the original application. 

A. Please email the Enrolments Department with your request along with your preferred date of re-entry and recent school reports. The Enrolments Manager will advise of availability and may request a new Application for Enrolment Form (excluding application fee). 

  • Completed  Application for Enrolment form signed by the parent/s or Guardian who is responsible for the enrolment. . 
  • Application Fee of AU$330. 
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate and certified translation if necessary. Note: Students born in Australia, whose parents were born overseas, are required to submit evidence of Australian Citizenship, such as an Australian Citizenship Certificate or Australian Passport. 
  • Copy of the student’s Australian visa paperwork if applicable. 
  • Copy of the information page of the student’s passport if she was born overseas. 
  • Copy of the student’s two recent school reports (full year), translated into English if necessary. 
  • A copy of the student’s NAPLAN results (Years 3 to 9 educated in Australia) or similar standardised test results from overseas (if available). 
  • Certificate of English fluency from the Australian Education Assessment Service (AEAS) for students for whom English is an additional language and who are applying for Year 4 and above. See details and minimum levels required by clicking here