“As an Australian all-girls’ school dedicated to empowering female students to change the world, International Women’s Day presents an annual opportunity to join a global movement inspiring people from all walks of life to think creatively about existing societal inequities for women and how we can work together to break them,” says Pymble Ladies’ College Principal Dr Kate Hadwen. 

When I look at what our girls are doing in the space of breaking bias, creating opportunities for equality and lifting up other girls and women who need support, I see great hope for the future. 

“We are aligned in our desire to reach a point in time where women no longer need to fight for safety, equality or basic human rights. It is fitting that we announce this collaboration on International Women’s Day, as we celebrate the endeavours of all courageous and magnificent women, past and present.” 

Watch Us Change the World™ is Pymble‘s statement of intent, which conveys our unwavering belief in young women and what their futures hold. This messaging reflects the overarching goal of our 2021-2030 Strategic Direction, which is to equip our young women with the academic, emotional, social and digital intelligence required to grow and flourish as compassionate and influential young women who are empowered to change their world for the better – not just for themselves, but for others.  

Follow the sound. Feel the power. Join the movement.

Our girls’ determination to make a difference for girls and women worldwide, and close the gender equality gap, is in direct correlation with Pymble’s positioning strategy, Watch Us Change the World™, which we launched on International Women’s Day last year.  

The campaign features a host of Pymble alumni who have gone on to break through the glass ceiling, both in the workplace and the community.  

Students had the opportunity to pay homage to the inspiring stories of key alumni who continue to lead the way in their professions and their communities and are passionate about shaping a more equal future for girls and women. 

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Break the Bias’.

And in 2022, Pymble will continue to demonstrate its belief in women and push to change the broader narrative. Through our collective power at Pymble, we have the power to Break the Bias. 

As the largest all-girls’ school in the southern hemisphere, it’s our responsibility to use our size and power for all the right reasons: to change the world in ways that help, not hinder, others.  

“We must educate ourselves on what bias is and learn to recognise our own unconscious bias,” says Year 9 student Grace . “Only then can we help educate others by calling out bias when we see it and work together to #breakthebias.” 

Year 12 student Niraaya says, “As a woman who plays sport, the International Women’s Day campaign #breakthebias is very meaningful. Being recognised as athletes and to be taken as seriously as men is something we all aspire to. Breaking the bias is more important than ever now and can help give girls the platform to chase their dreams.” 

Speaking of Change

For International’s Women’s Day on Tuesday March 8, we will create the first edition of our very own Speaking of Change podcast, a channel that brings the voices of Pymble women to the forefront; from our Principal Dr. Kate Hadwen to well-known alumna, like Melissa Doyle and many more.  

The podcast explores the ways we can help advance gender equality and unleash the power of young women in Australia – and across the globe. In Episode 1, host Melissa Doyle speaks to Dr Hadwen about empowering the women of the future, and the steps we can take today to help Break the Bias. 

“A world that has broken the bias, to me, looks like one where equality is valued, and diversity is celebrated,” says Year 12 student Frankie. “I consciously choose to reject the notion that being an assertive woman is being ‘bossy’, and thus, will continue to lead by example, heighten my own awareness and make informed decisions throughout my life that foster values of inclusivity, equality and feminism.” 

When it comes to women’s rights, we all need to rally together to make change. After all, it’s bigger than our sisterhood… it’s about our friends, our family and our community.  

To highlight exactly what the power of many can achieve, we will also be launching a video of our Pymble Chorale performing, What Happens When a Woman. This reimagined rendition of a song that resonates strongly with all at the College aims to change the world through the power of sound.  

“Believe in yourself. Be brave.” – Year 7 student Karen.  

In 2022, Together Watch Us Change The World ™ and Break the Bias.